2018: division by zero and the meaning machine (Ryan Mason)

03b 51 SOZO 2018 Karl Heinz Mierke 0106

we are the time. we are the space. we are the gesture.

A collage of thoughts circling the enigma of ritual.

Choreography: Ryan Mason
Assistance: Dhimas Satwiko
Performers: All Students from SOZO visions in motion contemporary dance studies.

Music: untitled track by Martin Durov ‘ich bin meine Maschine’ by Atom® ‘deep down low’ by Valentino Khan

2017: Panthera Tigris (Deborah Smith-Wicke)

02 Sozo 2017 Foto Karl Heinz Mierke 1737

All or nothing, from zero to one hundred percent in a millisecond.In QUAN DAO Kung Fu, the tiger embodies the explosive, forward-charging power that cannot be stopped. The mental attitude corresponds to a basic wildness and
cold-bloodedness. Every stalk is filled with “all or nothing“ and the power of NOWfrom stillness to explosion.A performative movementresearch from the first year SOZO students

2017: Osteoclast (Niv Melamed)

02 Sozo 2017 Foto Karl Heinz Mierke 3080

“i'm everywhere, and always. vital and significant.

working in your bones, waiting for supernovas, lurking in civilizations.

it's time. it's time for a change, so let's have a blast.

come. join me. after me- comes the flood.

after the flood- i'm coming.


'osteoclast.' looks at destruction mechanisms of different scales as catalysts of reconstruction.

2017: Nonet for Strings (Deborah Smith-Wicke)

02 2 Sozo vim 2017 Foto Karl Heinz Mierke 9509

The Nonet has been composed as chamber music for solo strings (3 violins, 3 violas, 3 violincellos) by composers such as Copland.In this case a performance for 9 movers composed in a construction of nine boxes.Working with fragments, short stories, urban space and memory. The dancers generated some composition material using the Laban 9-point system on three levels hence the scenography which also reflects Urban living space.The choreographer can relate to the dancers as nine solo string instrument types.

2017: Rhetorics of Polyphony (Pavlos Kountouriotis)

02 1 Sozo vim 2017 Foto Karl Heinz Mierke 9162

See... https://creationsozo.wordpress.com ... for insights to the creation process

2016: THRESHOLD (Deborah Smith-Wicke)

SOZO vim 2016 Foto Karl Heinz Mierke 4035

THRESHOLD (Threshold) is a movement research by Deborah Smith-Wicke as partof her training as a Quan Dao Kung Fu teacher.The 7 movement elements describe energetic movement surfaces and their relationship to each other and have their roots in the Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi traditions.In our research we encountered the 7 elements like a new language and have practiced the slow speaking of individual words (elements) until we have been able to speak (move) in fluent sentences and thereafter flowing to a free, often high-risk and exposive handling in dialogue. The NOW impulse accompanies us inevery moment of perception.Steffen Moddrow's drum composition for “Threshold” was inspired by his own practice with Quan Dao Kung Fu.

2016: FACEBOOK ME (Evangelos Poulinas)

07 Facebbok me GP 2016 Foto Karl Heinz Mierke 3622

FACEBOOK ME is a study of the way in which social networks are used to construct and implement identities.

2015: Magnesium 2015 (Matan Lewkowitch)

Magnesium 2015 was initiated to explore the field of physical disharmony and its emotional impact.
The piece is an improvisation score that provokes the performers to be constantlyalert and ready. In an ever-changing environment, they need to react constantly to different physical tasks that reveal the groupenergy and its dynamic.By leaving their individuality behind, they expand their consciousness to the entire group and emerge into the present moment.Disharmony becomes harmony. Pleasure and pain become one.

2015: Water Net (Shai Faran)

Water Netis a dance piece inspired by the world of sea creatures and by the unknown that lies under what covers most of our planet. An environment where gravity has different impact on our bodies, where movement patterns are used for different functions than what the human body knows, where the relationships between bodies are used for delivering messages.Water Net reveals images that are being expressed by group configurations and situations, and through different movement qualities and atmospheres, it is showing the importance and the delicacy of the individual, as part of a big system.

2014: Touchscreen (Michael Langeneckert)

The goal is the way - we steer through life effectively and in a goal-oriented manner, always with a focus. Is the goal really the way? In a time social disorientation, it is our desires and expectations that become excessive."Touchscreen" takes place on the border of digital dream and dream worlds, between control and uncertainty, perfection and chaos. Who else dares to be wrong?Who still dares to demand their needs for an immediately fulfilled life? Do we unlearn life in the end?



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SOZO visions in motion
Deborah Smith-Wicke
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D-34121 Kassel

Tel.: +49 (0)561 9372858
Email: info@sozo-vim.de


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